WiMAX could be shut out of U.K. auction

Speculation is growing that WiMAX players may have a tough time getting spectrum in the U.K.'s upcoming 2.6 GHz spectrum auction. The Office of Communications has allocated a certain amount of spectrum for time division duplex (TDD) and a certain amount of spectrum for frequency division duplex (FDD). WiMAX, of course, uses TDD and LTE uses FDD. Because of this there is concern that U.K. mobile operators will snatch up the TDD spectrum to keep WiMAX from being deployed by a new entrant.

According to Unstrung, the rules outlined by OfCom leave considerable risk of spectrum hoarding. However Ofcom says that the spectrum rules are designed to promote competition because the agency hasn't designated the spectrum for a specific use and there are no rollout obligations.

It wouldn't be surprising if the WiMAX Forum comes out with an announcement saying an FDD version of WiMAX in the 2.6 GHz band is in the works.

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