3GSM: WiMAX--the next disruptive technology?

Although 3GSM waited until the last day of the show to schedule a “Waking Up to WiMAX” technology panel, expect to hear a lot about this potentially disruptive technology as you walk the show floor. Sprint Nextel, Intel, Motorola, Samsung and Nokia have joined forces to showcase the technology and demonstrate support from all areas of the ecosystem--chip makers, service providers and device and infrastructure makers. Look for the “WiMAX is Here” display in Hall 1, Booth C.

Of course, Sprint’s CTO and President of 4G Mobile Broadband Barry West will be in Barcelona to champion the technology. He will be participating in the “Waking Up To WiMAX” panel as well as a couple other vendor-sponsored WiMAX events.

WiMAX chip maker Beceem will also be present at 3GSM. The company--which yesterday announced an additional $40 million in Series D funding--plans to have some interesting partnership news to talk about next week. “Expect WiMAX to have a visibility at this event,” says Dave Patterson, vice president of marketing at Beceem. -Sue