700 MHz Wireless Spectrum Auction



The Auction System:
Since 1994, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has conducted auctions of licenses for electromagnetic spectrum. These auctions are open to any eligible company or individual that submits an application and upfront payment, and is found to be a qualified bidder by the Commission. FCC auctions are conducted electronically and are accessible over the Internet. Thus, qualified bidders can place bids from the comfort of their home or office. Further, anyone with access to a computer with a web browser can follow the progress of an auction and view the results of each round.

700 MHz:
The 700 Mhz spectrum is part of the 698-806 MHz band ("700 MHz Band"), which has been occupied by television broadcasters and is being made available for new commercial and public safety services as a result of the digital television (DTV) transition.

The 700 Mhz Band licenses may be used for flexible fixed, mobile, and broadcast uses, including fixed and mobile wireless commercial services (including FDD- and TDD-based services); fixed and mobile wireless uses for private, internal radio needs; and mobile and other digital new broadcast operations. These uses may include two-way interactive, cellular, and mobile television broadcasting services.
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Auction Deadlines

  • FCC Form 175 Filing Window Opens: November 19, 2007
  • FCC Form 175s due: December 3, 2007
  • Upfront Payments due: December 28, 2007
  • Mock Auction: January 18, 2008
  • Auction Begins: January 24, 2008

List of Approved Bidders

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Licenses Available

Block A: 176 Economic Area (EA) licenses
Block B: 734 Cellular Market Area (CMA) licenses
Block E: 176 Economic Area (EA) licenses
Block C: 12 Regional Economic Area Grouping (REAG) licenses
Block D: 1 nationwide license (subject to conditions respecting a public/private partnership)
1,099 licenses total

Auction Coverage