Acer smartphone unmasked as a duplicate?; ZTE takes aim at GSM market

> The first Acer-branded smartphone appears to be a rebrand of a phone the company acquired when it purchased E-Ten last fall. It is not clear if this is the only smartphone Acer will launch at Mobile world Congress. Article

> Chinese equipment vendor ZTE stated that it was aiming to be among the top 3 global GSM shipment vendors this year. Article

> The new idea brewing of boutique application stores tailored for more expensive gaming apps is changing the rules of the game. Commentary

> Nokia announced the finalists in its Calling All Innovators competition, which it started in September 2008, to promote mobile applications with the potential to enhance and improve society. Article

And finally... Two large pythons escaped from their owner's terrarium in a rural part of California Sunday night. They were captured in the neighborhood on Monday afternoon. Article