ALSO NOTED: Handmark's Pocket Express; Sprint execs leave; and much more...

> Handmark launched a new version of Pocket Express wireless information and infotainment service that is available for the Nokia Eseries devices in the U.K. Release

> Openwave and JumpTap announced a strategic partnership to help carriers capitalize on mobile advertising opportunities. Release

> Yahoo launches its mobile display advertising for Yahoo!'s Mobile
Web Service, the gamma version of Yahoo! Go for Mobile 2.0, and a global
partnership with LG Electronics to distribute Yahoo!'s services. Release

> Adobe announced that the number of Flash-enabled devices shipping worldwide has tripled since January 2006, to reach more than 200 million. Release

And Finally... This just in from the hall of the press room at 3GSM: Sprint executives Paul Reddick and John Styers are both leaving. What does this mean for mobile content?

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