ALSO NOTED: "N" inches closer; Data back-up big in 2007?; and much more...

> Siemens' probe points to finance chief. Article (WSJ sub. req.)

> 802.11n draft inches ever closer. Article

> Nokia files for patent for "diamond" coated mobile phone. Article

> Report: Mobile email and data back-up will reach the masses in 2007. Release

And Finally... Your daily dose of wireless trivia: What was the name of the company that many believe to be a front for Apple, which filed a trademark in the U.S. for the "iPhone" in September 2006? Send your answer here.

Yesterday's Question: How much did Motorola's first "commercial handheld cellular phone," the DynaTAC phone, weigh? Answer: 28 ounces. First 6 correct answers came from: Walt Stanek, Alcatel-Lucent; Craig Parietti, S Curve Partners; Chris Saturley, CedarPoint Communications; Charles Kaross, Nortel; Sherri Pfefer, XE Mobile/Mobifusion; Steve Grey, Verizon Wireless.