ALSO NOTED: TDC announces $15.3B acquisition offer; Bytemobile launches latest optimization offering; and much more...

> TDC announced an offer of $15.3 billion from the Apax-led coalition of equity funds. Release

> Bytemobile launches its latest optimization software offering, called the Optimization Services Node (OSN), designed for high-speed, mobile broadband networks like HSDPA. Release

> Vonage said it will continue selling VoIP despite lack of e911 services to some areas. Blog

> Foxconn confirms rumor of building a mobile handset plant in India. Article

> Nokia unveiled an enterprise-class smart phone called the 9300i that supports WiFi, EDGE and multiple push-email services. Article

And Finally... The Mosquito is a new offering coming out of the UK that helps adults get rid of teenagers who hang out in their neighborhood or around their stores. The device is small and annoying--it emits a piercing high-frequency sound that only younger ears can hear. Article