ALSO NOTED: VZW-TiVo scheduling; Daily Trivia; and much more...

> CallerID in an earpiece for mobile phones. Article

> The New York Times, today, picks up where our editorial, yesterday, left off. Article

> VZW offers Novatel's ExpressCard for its Rev. A network. Release

> VZW offers mobile TiVo scheduling. Release

And Finally... According to the original guidelines issued by the FCC in October 2003, what is the acceptable time limit suggested for the completion of switching a customer's number under number portability? No more than how many hours? Submit your response here.

Yesterday's Question: What high speed wireless data chipset did Qualcomm suspend development on in March of 2005? Hint: It was supposed to be the next EV-DO. Answer: EV-DV. First correct answers came from: Mark DelSesto, Camiant; Mark Seely, Mobile Systems Consulting; Philip Solis, ABI Research; Michael Siegle, T-Mobile USA; Mike McKernan, Spirent