ALSO NOTED: Wireless Net Neutrality; Daily Trivia Question; and much more...

> AT&T unveils how-to website for parents looking to control their kids usage of all AT&T services, including former-Cingular Wireless. Article

> The Washington Post has an interesting opinion piece that argues for carriers to open up their network and fight wireless network neutrality. Article

> SiRF and Skyhook Wireless team up to deliver GPS-WiFi hybrid positioning to ramp up LBS services. Release

> Motorola renews its contract with Freescale. Release

And Finally... Your daily dose of wireless trivia: What did the GSM Association used to call SMS messages sent via a GSM network? Submit your answer here.

Yesterday's Question: On what date was this now famous ringtone first publicly heard? Click here to listen to the ringtone. Answer: January 9th, 2007. The ringtone was the one heard onstage at MacWorld when Steve Jobs answered his iPhone. The only correct answer came from Ron Willett, ClearSky Mobile Media.