Analyst: With Storm, Bold refreshes, RIM poised for gains

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion appears set to post solid quarterly results when it reports Thursday, according to one analyst, and the company's upcoming quarter should also sooth investors thanks to the pending launch of the Storm 2 and the Bold 2.

In a note to investors, UBS analyst Maynard Um said he expects RIM to report 8.55 million units in the quarter, along with revenues of $3.64 billion. Further, the analyst noted that the company's guidance should be helped by "product launches including Storm 2 (shipping in November quarter to Vodafone and Verizon), a refresh for the Bold (featuring an optical trackpad), as well as the international expansion of the Curve 8520 and Tour into the holiday season."

Although RIM continues to face mounting challenges from the likes of Android phones and Apple's offerings, Um said the BlackBerry maker would benefit from the rising smartphone tide.

Interestingly, Um said he expects RIM to bid on Nortel's IP assets. Although Um did not provide specifics, the move wouldn't come as much of a surprise given RIM's interest in Nortel's auction of its LTE and CDMA assets. The company recently protested Ericsson's purchase of the assets for $1.13 billion. A RIM representative did not immediately respond to questions about whether the company would bid for additional Nortel IP.

Canadian telecom equipment supplier Nortel is in the process of liquidating its assets.

RIM's stock was up slightly in trading this morning, at around $84.42 per share.

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