Apple approves video calling app over 3G

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has approved a third-party video-calling application from Fring for the iPhone that will work over AT&T Mobility's (NYSE:T) 3G network in addition to WiFi networks.

click here for fring on the iPhone 4The approval is notable for several reasons. When Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone 4 in June, he said the company's native FaceTime video application would work only over WiFi. Additionally, FaceTime calls can only be made from one iPhone 4 to another. Fring has promoted the fact that its application will allow iPhone 4 users (as well as those with an iPhone 3GS that has been upgraded to iOS 4) to video chat with other kinds of smartphones.

Additionally, Jobs seemed to indicate that Apple's wireless carrier partners were working on network improvements to handle the video calling traffic. "It's WiFi-only in 2010, we're working with the cellular providers to get things ready," Jobs said, according to reports at the time.

An AT&T spokesman, Mark Siegel, said any specific application questions need to be answered by Apple. An Apple spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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