Apple expands iPhone 5 to more LTE carriers; Canonical pushes for more core apps for Ubuntu

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@FierceWireless: RT@phonescoop: Nokia Drive+ Beta now available for all Windows Phone 8 devices. Article | [email protected]

> Canonical hopes to launch its Ubuntu smartphone platform with more than 10 core apps. Article

> Apple's iPhone 5 is getting LTE support from 36 more carriers. Article

> Lenovo is reportedly interested in acquiring Research In Motion. Article

> Congressional Democrats have promised net neutrality legislation if the FCC's rules are overturned. Article

> The U.S. International Trade Commission will review Apple's patent complaints against Samsung. Article

> The outlook for LG Display is being clouded by Apple's ordering situation. Article (sub. req.)

> Tinicum and Permit Capital Private Equity Fund invested $75 million into Skyway Towers. Release

Mobile Content News

> Amazon purchased Ivona for text-to-speech software. Article

> Twitter is poised to introduce Vine, a video sharing application optimized for Apple's iOS. Article

> Apple did Google a favor by dumping YouTube on iOS. Editor's Corner

Broadband Wireless News

> Apple expanded LTE approval to another 36 operators. Article

> OpenSignal's crowd-sourced cellular and Wi-Fi coverage app for Google's Android OS has gotten a new update and is now available for all Android platforms. Article

> Japan's National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), Hitachi Kokusai Electric and ISB claim to have developed the world's IEEE 802.22 standard-based prototypes of base station and consumer premise equipment for use in TV white-space (TVWS) spectrum from 470 MHz-710 MHz. Article

European Wireless News

> EE aggressively cut the price of its entry-level LTE pricing plan the day before its rivals made their first bids in the United Kingdom LTE spectrum auction. Article

> Vodafone Netherlands and KPN separately announced job cuts in an effort to cut operating expenses. Article

And finally… There is a class you can take to learn how to take pictures of food with an iPhone. Article

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