Apple iPhone lawsuits get organized

The Law Office of Damian R. Fernandez is organizing a class action lawsuit against Apple on behalf of iPhone users who have various gripes with Apple's handset. Here are the qualifications to join, according to

  • You own an iPhone and you want to transfer to a wireless carrier other than AT&T. You fall into this category even if you did not unlock your iPhone or have had your iPhone disabled by an iPhone update.
  • Your iPhone was disabled, malfunctioned, or you had third-party applications erased after you downloaded iPhone update 1.1.1.
  • You contacted Apple to repair your iPhone and Apple refused to honor your warranty because you did any one the following: (1) unlocked your iPhone, or (2) installed a third party application.
  • You incurred a cancellation fee from your previous wireless carrier when you transferred to AT&T's wireless service.
  • You incurred roaming charges while traveling abroad with your iPhone.
  • You purchased a third-party warranty at extra cost for your iPhone because of Apple has released a statement that it will not honor warranties on unlocked iPhones.

For more on the class action suit:
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