AT&T launches new Mexico calling plan; Google chief resigns from Apple's board

> Following similar moves by MetroPCS and others, AT&T Mobility introduced new calling plans starting at $54.99 per month that eliminate international and long distance charges on wireless calls between the United States and Mexico. Release

> Google CEO Eric Schmidt announced his resignation from Apple's board in a bid to quell antitrust questions about the two companies. Google and Apple have increasingly begun to compete in similar arenas, including the mobile software space. Article

> Deutsche Telekom's CEO for Asia, Calvin Lee, died while competing in a triathlon in Singapore yesterday. Article

> HTC plans to launch up to three Android phones in China this year. Article 

> Ubiquisys is rumored to be actively considering an exit from the femtocell business. Article

> O2 continues to shine with subscriber gains and increasing data usage. Article

> Mobile Citizen is reselling Clearwire's mobile WiMAX services in Portland, Ore., Las Vegas, Chicago and Philadelphia to schools and non-profits. Article

>  According to the GSMA, AT&T accounts for 21 percent of all HSPA subscriptions worldwide. Article

And finally... Videos have sprung up on the Internet spoofing Palm's latest commercials for the Pre. Article, video