AT&T launches rugged handset

AT&T is going after Sprint Nextel's iDEN customers with the launch of a rugged push-to-talk handset from Samsung that features a video sharing capability. The carrier is hoping its niche market appeal will be popular with PTT die-hards (i.e. construction workers and engineers) who need to share live video communications.

The handset, called the Rugby, will operate on AT&T's HSPA network and the clamshell phone is military-grade in terms of its ability to withstand the elements. 

Sprint Nextel has consistently been losing its iDEN push-to-talk customers to other operators. At the end of second quarter, Sprint had 14.6 million subscribers on iDEN, down from 17.3 million at the end of first quarter.

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- see this release
- to see a picture of the Rugby, click here

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