AT&T to launch Surface in-store experience soon

AT&T is launching Microsoft's Surface-enabled touch screen tables at four AT&T stores today, according to comments AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega made at CTIA earlier this month. Stores in New York, Atlanta, San Antonio and San Bruno, California are rumored to be the first to commercially launch the new technology.

In AT&T stores it will be used as a means for users to access information about devices, rate plans and services. Microsoft's Surface has object recognition technology, so if a device is placed on the table, the surface displays information on that device. A user can even place multiple devices on the Surface side-by-side and the table will compare and contrast them. The user interface on Surface was designed by Microsoft's team, while some of the retail side applications were mostly designed by AT&T's design team with help from Avenue A/Razorfish.

For more on the Surface tables at AT&T:
- read this post from CNET 

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