BlackBerry 9000 could see summer launch

Rumors are swirling around the as-yet-unannounced BlackBerry 9000, which will feature a new BlackBerry OS, called 4.x. Two BlackBerry 9000 units appeared on eBay a few days ago, only to disappear after a few hours (it's unclear whether the auctions ended or if eBay pulled the listings at RIM's insistence). According to the auction listing, the 9000 will feature 3G (HSDPA), EDGE, WiFi and Bluetooth. The Boy Genius Report goes one further, claiming that A-GPS will also be thrown into the mix, along with a microSD card slot and a 2-megapixel camera. The plethora of wireless radios is reportedly leading to battery life expectancy issues. Pending the resolution of those problems, RIM should have this one out the door by July or August.

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