Bluetooth-over-UWB delayed

Reports coming out of the London open house for Bluetooth technology say the specification for a Bluetooth-over-UWB technology that was set to launch in Q1 of next year will be delayed until October 2007. Mike Foley, chairman of the SIG, said that products are now due by the end of 2008. Foley called the standard "high-speed Bluetooth," and it will be marketed under the Bluetooth name. Despite referring to Bluetooth as an umbrella that includes many technologies, Foley did not refer to Nokia's recently announced "Wibree" technology by name in his presentation. Reportedly, he said SIG had not yet decided whether it would adopt the technology, or develop its own low-power Bluetooth spec, which counters some emails Fierce has received after calling Wibree a possible competitor to Bluetooth. The jury is still out, apparently.

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