Bundle up; consumers give cable the cold shoulder

Bundles of services delivered by cable operators leave consumers cold. These folks would rather, by about a two-to-one margin, buy voice, broadband and TV from their phone company and the only reason they're not doing so in droves is because the phone companies aren't ready.

The CFI Group used the American Customer Satisfaction Index created by the University of Michigan to find out how satisfied more than 1,200 households are with video, broadband Internet and wireless communications services. The conclusion: they're unhappier with cable operators than they are with phone companies, providing, of course, a sort of backhanded victory for the telcos.

In a non-shocker, consumers told the questioners that they were displeased with high cable rates and poor customer service. In something of a surprise, considering cable's ongoing emphasis on its broadband expertise, customers also said phone companies have faster Internet speeds than cable and that would be a reason to switch. 

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