Cablevision eyes link with mobile operators

Cablevision Systems is studying the possibility of linking its Internet phone service with a wireless carrier as it watches competitors Time Warner, Comcast and others work with Sprint Nextel to develop integrated services. "We think there are enormous opportunities for our Optimum Voice product to converge with wireless services from all major providers," said Patricia Gottesman, who heads Cablevision's product management and marketing. Cablevision isn't commenting on when it would begin working with the wireless carriers or which carriers it would work with. You have to wonder which operators would be receptive to working with the company. Cablevision competes directly with Verizon Wireless' parent Verizon Communications in several key markets, while Cingular's parent will be AT&T once the merger between BellSouth and AT&T is completed. T-Mobile appears to be leveraging WiFi and de-emphasizing 3G services since it's the furthest behind. How about Alltel?

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