Cingular denies ex-AT&T Wireless customer claims

Cingular went on the defense following its bad press last week over a lawsuit, which might reach class-action status, claiming the company deliberately degraded mobile-phone service to pressure former AT&T Wireless customers into signing new contracts with the operator after it acquired AT&T Wireless in 2004. According to Cingular, it "has spent nearly $10 million in integrating and improving its networks in the 21 months since the merger was completed, leading to a significantly improved customer experience and the fewest dropped calls of any national carrier." Cingular said it was also considering taking separate legal action over "false and misleading statements" made to the media by the lawyer leading the suit against it. The lawsuit, filed by ex-AT&T Wireless customers, also claims Cingular charged them unreasonable fees to switch over to Cingular service.

To read more about Cingular's denial:
- check out this post from Wireless-Watch.Community

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