CodeSpear launches interop, public safety software

CodeSpear launched its public alert notification and interoperability software in Wayne County, MI, home to over 2.2 million residents. The software allows first responders and city officials to send out county-wide announcements that can be sent to a resident's home computer, mobile handset, smart phone, PC tablet or P2T device. The crux of the software is a protocol converter that changes the voice data to IP. If the message is sent to a non-voice device like a PC tablet, the message is displayed in the text. The service has a variety of features that include mandated responses where the workers in a burning building can respond to the warning on their handsets, allowing first responders to get an idea as to who may be in trouble. Wayne County is home to Detroit, and Codespear mentioned its software may be put to use during a "large football event" sometime next month. Hmm...

For more on CodeSpear's deployment:
- take a look at this press release