DEALS: Telefonica to pay $31.6B for O2

Vodafone juggles sales, acquisitions








Telefonica to acquire O2 for $31.6B

Telefonica plans to retain O2's board and branding. O2 will contribute 24.6M customers and 15,000 employees to Telefonica's 145M customers and 173,000 employees.



Vodafone to increase stake in Vodacom

Vodafone has offered $2.4B to increase its stake in South African Vodacom from 35% to 50%. The deal would put Vodafone and Telkom South Africa in joint control of Vodacom.


Vodafone Sweden

Telenor to acquire Vodafone Sweden for $1.8B

Vodafone recently acquired 10% of Bharti Tele-Ventures for $1.5B and is now selling its Swedish division. Pending EU approval, the companies expect the deal to close by the end of the year.

XO Communications

Elk Associates

Elk to purchase XO's wireline company for $700M

XO is selling its wireline company to Elk in order to launch a fixed broadband wireless service tailored to businesses and service providers. XO will retain its spectrum assets and the brand name XO Communications will stick with the wireline company.

Apax Partners, Texas Pacific Group


Team up to acquire Q-Telecom for $424.8M

The companies will pay $394.5M in cash and assume $30.4M in debt for Greek wireless operator Q-Telecom.

Sprint Nextel

Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, Advance/Newhouse

Add wireless services to their cable offerings

The cable operators will put up a combined $100 million and Sprint will match the figure for the $200M joint venture that is set to launch early next year. The venture will be mutually exclusive for three years and have a 20-year term.


Tower Records Japan

DoCoMo to purchase 42% stake in Tower Records Japan

DoCoMo is offering $108.2M for the stake to outfit Japan's Tower Record stores with handset readers and offer in-store promotions for customers who use their wallet phones to make purchases.

AirWave Wireless, Juniper Networks


Provide security solution to Wendy's WiFi networks

Wendy's signed up to secure WiFi networks in 6,600 of its US restaurants. The solution will keep their network free of viruses and malware, leading to quicker and more accurate ordering.



Launch Sky Mobile TV

The companies teamed up to launch a mobile 19-channel TV service that includes 24-hour news, sports, entertainment and documentaries from Sky News, Sky One, Sky Sports, Discovery and Living TV.



Bluetooth music downloads

The two teamed up for the trial launch of bFree, an in-store music download service that uses Bluetooth technology to listen to music tracks.


BT Openzone, The Cloud

Launch Nintendo hotspots in the UK

Nintendo plans to expand its free WiFi hotspots for Nintendo DS users by allowing users to access more than 7,500 free hotspots in the UK starting November 25.



Launch a BlackBerry for Cingular's EDGE

RIM and Intel plan to launch a BlackBerry handheld that runs over Cingular's high-speed EDGE data network in the US. The BlackBerry 8700c is built on Intel's XScale architecture with a PXA901 cellular processor.

Yahoo, SBC


Launch a handset

Yahoo and SBC will launch a handset that links with users' Yahoo accounts, address books and preferences. Nokia will develop the handset that will also include an MP3 player, a 1.3-megapixel camera and a removable memory card.