Dear Santa, please make a better battery

Last week I asked Santa to grant my holiday wishes. Foremost on my list was that he help Sprint return to its previous glory as a data-savvy provider and formidable competitor to AT&T and Verizon. Not everyone agreed with me but more than 20 readers responded to my wish list and several submitted their own requests. Here are a few of my favorites: 

Phil Keith of Xanadoo Wireless High-speed Internet: "One thing I'd add to the list: Effective National Broadband Plan. Hoping that Obama's economic stimulus package provides an economically viable framework for operators to more rapidly deploy new technologies such as WiMAX to the vast number of underserved markets. We've been talking about bridging the digital divide for years and it seems more likely than ever that emerging technologies and support from Washington can align to make this goal a reality. "

Sam Knight: "I would add the wish that wireless operators would truly open up their handsets to user applications and content. The technological revolution in computing, software, and communications achieved its explosive growth once the proprietary computer makers and communications providers got out of the way of innovation. Openness was the key there and can be the engine that drives exponential growth in wireless."

Judy Reed Smith, Atlantic-ACM: "We have many clever inventors in this world, but none who have made a really great battery.  Please send elves, focus, magic or whatever it takes."

Thanks to everyone for your comments and your notes (and a special thanks to the reader who submitted the poem--it made it to the top of the Fierce staffers all-time favorite reader comment list).  --Sue