dotMobi auctions top ten domains

We've been tracking the top-level domain name company dotMobi since its launch earlier this year, now the firm is auctioning off ten premium domain names: celebs, cheaptickets, flowers, fun, gossip, hot, laugh, party, stockquotes and wow. While I'm no domain name/search expert, these seem far from the top ten domain name hooks out there. According to a recent article quoting former head of content at Vodafone, Graeme Ferguson, adult content is driving mobile content with 70 percent of mobile content downloads in Europe just as it has driven other video technologies in the past: VHS, online video, etc. So my guess it the top ten premium domain names that dotMobi should be hawking to the highest bidder would be unprintable in this newsletter. Verizon said recently that there was no need for the .mobi domain.

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