Editor's Corner

So, the rules have changed. They've added another base, and it's going to take four cable companies to cover them. Sprint Nextel's deal with Time Warner, Comcast, Cox and Advance/Newhouse ushers in the era of the quadruple play: bundled bills and mobility coupled with cable's unique content. But the time is not yet ripe for the offerings, as fixed-mobile convergence is still in its infancy and cable companies have long been the biggest threat to carriers. Things don't change overnight, folks. The word is that the cable-Sprint deal will not create another Sprint MVNO, but rather an integration of the cable companies' home-based triple play with Sprint's service. It's a triple play on wheels. The cable operators have much to do: analog TVs to convert, muni-WiFi plans to fight and VoIP services to launch. But the wheels are in motion. - Brian