Farewell readers

Sue Marek

Nine years ago when I started my tenure as editor in chief of FierceWireless, I'd already been covering the wireless industry for more than 15 years. I'd seen the end of analog phones, the battle between CDMA and GSM (particularly in the U.S. market) and was carefully monitoring this growing phenomenon called "mobile content" that was making the flashy Hollywood studio types take a closer look at the cross-marketing and promotional potential of SMS and feature phones. 3G networks were deployed and we were just beginning to see the enormous power of the wireless Internet.

WiMAX was just a network technology that Sprint (NYSE: S) said it was going to deploy as a way to leapfrog its competitors in the wireless broadband game. LTE was being touted as a breakthrough "4G" technology but operators hadn't really committed to it yet. And of course, Apple's iPhone was just a rumor. Little did I know what huge ramifications that device would have on the industry and the entire ecosystem.

FierceWireless was still in its early development as well. In 2007 it was just a daily newsletter as we hadn't yet launched Web sites or really started to offer much content beyond our analysis of the top 5 stories of the day. Fast forward to 2016 and FierceWireless is one of eight newsletters and web sites in the Telecom Group, whose editorial team also produces feature articles, ebooks, events and webinars on a variety of topics that impact the industries and markets that we cover.

The reason for this trip down memory lane is that this is my final editor's note as I'm about to embark on the next chapter in my career as a technology journalist. I'm honored to have been able to write and report on such a dynamic industry during a time of tremendous change -- both in technology and business models. 

Back when I started journalism school at the University of Colorado, I had no idea that I'd spend the majority of my career writing about wireless technology. I didn't even own a cell phone for at least the first five years of my career (they were too expensive!). 

During my tenure covering wireless, I've had the honor of meeting many smart and talented people. This industry definitely attracts some of the most dynamic and innovative leaders, who I've had the privilege of interviewing.

And I've also been fortunate to work with a fine group of journalists and editors here at Fierce. Mike Dano, who I've worked closely with for the past seven years, will be taking my place as editor in chief. 

To the readers of FierceWireless, I thank you for your loyal readership and your comments. I hope you've enjoyed reading FierceWireless as much as I've enjoyed delivering to you the most compelling stories of the day. --Sue