FCC approves AT&T's 2.3 GHz WCS spectrum plan

The FCC on Wednesday unanimously approved changes to the 2.3 GHz WCS spectrum band that will allow AT&T Mobility (NYSE:T) to use the spectrum for LTE. The order will allow LTE mobile broadband deployment in 20 MHz of WCS spectrum and would also make an additional 10 MHz of spectrum available for fixed broadband, with the possibility of mobile broadband use in the future. The FCC acted after AT&T and Sirius XM submitted a proposal in June that would change the rules governing WCS spectrum while protecting Sirius XM from interference. AT&T also has been working to get FCC approval for its purchase of WCS licenses from NextWave Wireless, Comcast and Horizon Wi-Com. AT&T said it was pleased with the FCC's action. "While we have not yet seen the final order, we anticipate that the service rules adopted today will permit deployment of LTE technologies in the WCS band while ensuring that satellite radio services are protected from unreasonable interference," Joan Marsh, AT&T's vice president of federal regulatory, said in a statement. "AT&T took real risks to develop this under-utilized band and is committed to devoting the resources necessary to unlock its full potential." Post