FEATURE: Five Questions for Narothum Saxena of US Cellular

For most Tier 1 operators, deploying IMS is not a question of if, but when. Operators understand that the IMS framework is a necessity for next-generation networks. But for smaller operators, IMS is not a sure thing. Tier 2 operators have to carefully evaluate whether IMS is going to provide the return on investment necessary to justify the deployment costs. FierceWireless editor-in-chief Sue Marek talked with U.S. Cellular's Narothum Saxena earlier this week. Saxena will be a keynote speaker at FierceMarkets' IMS 2007 conference in Washington, DC Sept. 19-20 (click here to register). He will be discussing the IMS framework and what it means for converged applications.

FierceWireless: What does IMS mean to the Tier 2 operator?

Saxena: IMS is only important to us if it allows us to provide services that appeal to our customers. IMS has to provide them with a better customer experience. And finally, the customer has to be willing to pay for it. Continued...