FierceWireless presents its 2021 class of Rising Stars

Rising star - award
FierceWireless is highlighting these 11 executives who are on the rise in 2021. (nikkytok/iStock)
Linda Hardesty editor's corner

For 2021, FierceWireless looked for executives aged 35 or younger who are making a name for themselves in the wireless industry.
The 11 young executives in our final slate were nominated by their companies, and they come from diverse business units, ranging from customer experience, to engineering, to retail operations, to human resources.

It's always a bit amazing to see the bios of people in the wireless industry. They have impressive educations with advanced degrees in fields such as electrical engineering and computer science.

A couple of the Rising Stars who work for service providers went through company development programs, working in different business units over a few years. This set them up to quickly lead large teams.

Rising Stars who are working for greenfield networks — Dish and Rakuten — say it’s exhilarating but also daunting work.

We hope you enjoy reading all these profiles. And please share their stories with your networks on social media to give even more recognition to these impressive young Rising Stars.

AT&T’s Alicia Joseph

Alicia Joseph

Verizon’s David Wolff

David Wolff

T-Mobile’s Dara Sadri

Dara Sadri

Pivotal Commware’s Alex Katko

Alex Katko

Parallel Wireless’ Paula Netzer

Paula Netzer

Dish’s Brian Mengwasser

Brian Mengwasser

Airspan’s Gerardo Moyano

Gerardo Moyano

Rakuten's Ahmed Abdelaziz

Ahmed Abdelaziz

AT&T’s Andrew Bennett

Andrew Bennett

Verizon’s Marta LaCroix

Marta LaCroix

Dish’s Marco Santi

Marco Santi