FirstNet pushes to keep pace with LTE - and on top of 5G development

The First Responder Network Authority has traveled a long way toward getting its public-safety, interoperable broadband network up and running. And as FirstNet works to release its final Request for Proposals by the end of this year, attention will soon turn to how the organization plans to roll out its LTE network for U.S. public-safety workers, and how it will keep that network up to date with changing standards and devices. According to CTO Jeff Bratcher, FirstNet's network will be on-board with the latest LTE innovations from the outset, accommodating present standards and anticipating future innovations from the nation's commercial carriers. Keeping pace will be necessary as FirstNet -- created to solve the communication interoperability problems among public-safety officials first uncovered during the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks -- tries to ensure a fast, reliable network for emergency services. For more on how FirstNet plans to keep pace on LTE -- and an eye on 5G -- check out this FierceWirelessTech special report