Galaxy S4 could usher in more gesture-based apps

Samsung's new flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone could help increase the momentum around gesture-based apps. Samsung's new phone can track users' eye movements, allowing the device to, for example, pause a video when a user looks away. Such technology is relatively new to the market, but already a number of application developers are hoping to incorporate gesture support into their applications. Leading the charge is PointGrab, which developed its CamMe app that allows users to simply raise their hand and smile to have their phone take a picture without actually holding it. Another app from PointGrab that is currently only available for demo is PlungaShot, where players shoot bows and arrows in space. PointGrab is one of a handful of companies selling tools to developers to build apps that can be controlled through gestures and motions. For details, check out this FierceDeveloper special report.