Google vs. Amazon and Cisco vs. T-Mobile: The final four most powerful in telecom


UPDATE: Voting is now over. Click here for the results.


After another day of voting, four top executives in the telecom space are moving ahead in our tournament for the most powerful person in the U.S. telecom industry.

Today, you can vote on matchups that put T-Mobile’s John Legere against Cisco’s Chuck Robbins, and Google’s Larry Page versus Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. There are strong arguments for each of these matchups: Legere continues to shake up the wireless industry with new services and pricing options, while Robbins has been positioning Cisco to take advantage of a number of new business opportunities. Meanwhile, Bezos has pushed Amazon into a wide range of new sectors that abut the telecom industry, and Page continues to direct Google across businesses stretching from smartphones to internet access.

Each of these executives has had an outsized impact on the U.S. telecom industry, and your vote will determine who moves on to the final.

Polls on these matchups will remain open until 11 a.m. Eastern time tomorrow, and then voting on the final will stretch through the weekend. We’ll announce the winner on Monday.

To see the results from previous rounds, click here, here and here.

As in previous rounds, we’re using for the actual voting, and repeated voting is prohibited with a block to cookies and IP addresses. The final four bracket is below, and below that are the actual matchups that you can vote on. – Mike | @mikeddano