GPhone speculation strikes again

Just when you thought all rumors of the GPhone had been quashed for good, they strike again. TechCrunch is reporting that Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergei Bring and CEO Eric Schmidt made "nebulous" statements to Hollywood Reporter writer Dan Cox leaving some to wonder if the company is once again thinking about building a GPhone. In an article, Cox writes, "The trio of Google execs also used the opportunity to talk about the inroads the company is making with its own branded mobile phone as a replacement for the iPhone."

In addition, TechCrunch says that a source has told them that Ammunition Design Group, a San Francisco-based firm that designs computers, mobile phones and hardware for companies such as Palm, HP, Dell and others, may be working with Google to create an Android-based Google branded GPhone.

Last year Google was rumored to be developing a GPhone and was said to even have been talking to various carriers about the device. However, those rumors died down after the company in November launched its Google Android open source mobile operating system.

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