Handset makers weigh in on iPhone

Here's a quick run-down of incumbent handset makers' reactions to the launch of Apple's iPhone:

Samsung: SVP Kim Jeong-han said the iPhone will penetrate the higher end of the handset market, which is where Samsung competes with its BlackJack and Trace. "But still we have an opportunity" since Apple's promotion of the device "means demand [for such phones] will be created."

Motorola: "We're definitely not discouraged," Motorola spokesman Alan Buddendeck said. "The Razr has been the most popular phone in the world and perhaps in history."

Nokia: The iPhone "is quite an interesting product but it is lacking a few essential features, such as 3G, which would enable fast data connections," said multimedia unit head Anssi Vanjoki, whose unit is a direct rival to Apple.

LG: These photos of LG's KE850 handset may be rebuttal enough. Prada helped design it.

Sony Ericsson: Mum on the iPhone, but teased CES attendees with this photo of an upcoming handset.

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