Hesse looks for push-to-comeback

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse announced a half dozen push-to-x QChat phones that are set to run on Sprint's EVDO Rev. A network instead of the old Nextel iDEN network. The new Direct Connect service supports one-to-one and group push-to-talk capabilities with other QChat users as well as Nextel users. The QChat phones also only require one phone number for both regular calls and PTT calls, which is a change from the legacy Nextel phones which required two numbers. Hesse also announced an as yet unnamed WiFi-enabled BlackBerry that will run on the Nextel iDEN network. No word yet on a timeframe for a launch on the device. 

Sprint said to expect the phones to launch this summer and price points should come out shortly before the launches. -Brian

To learn about the individual phone launches:
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