How Fierce is your company?

Phil Goldstein

Every year FierceWireless editors meet and speak with dozens of different companies in the industry. Some are long-time players but many are recent startups doing innovative work and providing novel solutions to vexing problems.

With that in mind, I'd like to announce that the editorial team is once again in the middle of deciding the winners of our annual Fierce 15. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Fierce 15, these are innovating and emerging startups in the wireless industry that we think have the potential to become major players.

The state of the venture capital and startup community is in flux. According to a recent report from Dow Jones Venture Source, U.S.-based companies raised $6 billion from 752 venture capital deals in first quarter, which represents a year-over-year 11 percent drop in the number of deals and a 12 percent dip in the amount invested. Venture capital research firm Pitchbook found similar figures.

However, the state of mobile venture capital seems to be going gangbusters. According to Rutberg, in 2012 41.4 percent of U.S. venture capital was related to mobile, higher than 39.1 percent in 2011--a new record. 

When we meet with companies, we like to look at firms that we think have a great idea, a solid business model and strong financial backing. Our favorites--the top 15--are awarded a Fierce 15 designation and featured prominently in our newsletter. The 2013 Fierce 15 list will make its debut in mid-June. Click here to see our selections from 2012.

To qualify for the Fierce 15, a company must be privately held, well-funded, emerging (founded in the past few years) and either based in the United States or have a significant amount of business in the U.S. wireless market. If you think your company has the potential to be a Fierce 15, you can nominate it by filling out this form. The deadline for all submissions is May 14. --Phil