HTC looks to sell own smartphones

Bet you didn't know that one of the world's largest manufacturer of PDAs is High Tech Computer (HTC). That's because it serves as the behind-the-scenes smartphone provider to many different brands across the world. That's changing. The Taiwanese company announced it will start selling high-end mobile devices under its own HTC brand. The vendor uses Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system in high-end devices for carriers and OEMS, but some phones in Europe feature HTC's Qtek brand. HTC follows Korean manufacturer Pantech into the public arena, but it wants to continue to OEM to other players, especially in the U.S. where it will likely continue sourcing phones to OEMs. We'll see if its OEM partners like that move. HTC apparently believes its brand has to resonate with the public to effectively compete in the cut-throat handset market. HTC will introduce two handsets: The MTeor 3G smart phone, and the TyTN, an enterprise device with tri-band UMTS capabilities that allows global roaming on GSM/GPRS, EDGE and WiFi networks.

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