Huawei intros Windows Phone for Africa; Apple rumored to sell iPhone phablet this year

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@FierceWireless: RT@phonescoop: BlackBerry to Update BB10 Android Runtime to Jelly Bean: Article | [email protected]

> Huawei introduced a new Windows Phone for Africa, the "Huawei 4Afrika." Post

> Facebook is reportedly creating a mobile location-tracking app. Article

> HTC's M7 will reportedly replace megapixels with "ultrapixels." Article

> Apple is reportedly preparing a phablet iPhone for this year. Article

> Dell will go private in a deal worth $24.4 billion. Article (sub. req.)

> ARM Holdings' fourth-quarter profit beat analysts' expectations. Article

> "Galaxy" appears to be outpacing "Android," at least in terms of post-Super Bowl searches. Post

> LG Electronics said it will license more haptics technology from Immersion. Article

Mobile Content News

> Viddy's CEO is out. Article

> The hacker collective called Evad3rs has released its long-awaited Evasi0n jailbreak for devices running Apple's iOS 6 or 6.1, enabling consumers to liberate their iPhones and iPads from the strict guidelines governing the iOS ecosystem. Article

> A set of files buried in Apple's new iOS 6.1 mobile operating system update is renewing speculation the company will launch a streaming music service later this year. Article

> Borderlands 2 can run on Nvidia's Project Shield gaming device. Article

Mobile Developer News

> Why Twitter bought Crashlytics. Editor's Corner

> According to Gartner, the mobile advertising market will grow 400 percent. Article

And finally… Amazon develops its own currency. Article

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