Huawei wins LTE deal in Sweden; Nokia selects ST-Ericsson TD-SCDMA chips

> Huawei was awarded an LTE contract from Tele2 and Telenor for their joint 4G network, Net4Mobility, in Sweden, shutting out industry leader Ericsson in its home market.  Article

> Both AT&T Mobility and the FCC have condemned "Operation Chokehold," the plan advocated by Newsweek columnist Dan Lyons (a.k.a Fake Steve Jobs) to have iPhone users crippled AT&T's network to protest potential higher charges for high-bandwidth users. Article

> Apple's lead in the application storefront market is sizable, but for the first time, the company should be looking over its shoulder--at Android. Commentary

> Google and Apple are on opposite sides of the debate over Adobe's Flash technology in mobile phones, and both want to see their view prevail. Commentary

> Nokia chose ST-Ericsson as its key chip supplier for TD-SCDMA phones it will produce for the Chinese market. Article

> Bruce Brda, the head of Motorola's wireless networks business, said he doesn't think operator spending on LTE will help boost the mobile equipment market. Article

> Former Nortel Networks CEO John Roth filed a claim in a U.S. bankruptcy court seeking $1 billion indemnification against potential lawsuits brought by former Nortel employees. Article

And finally...  The American Decency Association says that Boost Mobile's recent holiday ad featuring a Mrs. Claus cheating on Santa goes too far. Article (See the video here).