IRS drops proposed rules on cell phones; Alca-Lu forms green consortium

> The Internal Revenue Service dropped plans to propose rules for taxing employer-issued mobile phones. Article

> Alcatel-Lucent, AT&T, China Mobile and other companies formed a research group aimed at reducing the energy consumption of communications networks by a factor of one thousand. Article

> Apple appears to have accelerated the application approval process for its App Store. Commentary

> FlyCast introduced appMobi, a new development ecosystem promising Web developers the tools to create rich native applications for smartphones via Adobe DreamWeaver and Microsoft Visual Studio. Article

> Sprint Nextel will expand its open location platform by adding TechnoCom Corporation to its open service enabler program. Article

> Kodak settled a patent dispute with Samsung over digital cameras in mobile phones. Article

And finally... A BBC reporter broke a supposedly "unbreakable" phone on display at the Consumer Electronics Show. Video