Judge says SMS lawsuit against T-Mobile USA can proceed

A federal judge said a class-action lawsuit against T-Mobile USA over texting can proceed. The lawsuit was filed by subscribers who claim to have been charged for text messages even though they do not want the feature. The subscribers claim that T-Mobile should disable SMS features for those who do not wish to use SMS or receive texts at all.

T-Mobile noted that the lawsuit only moved ahead based on an early procedural motion rather than merits of the case, and noted that customers have options to disable text messaging on their phones if they are receiving unsolicited messages.

In a statement published in RCR Wireless News, T-Mobile said it "is committed to providing the best customer experience in wireless and does offer customers the ability to block chargeable text messages, MMS, IM and email from being sent to their handsets at no additional charge. Customers can contact Customer Care or a retail sales representative for assistance and soon will be able to help themselves with tools on www.myt-mobile.com. T-Mobile also has extensive filters built into the network to help detect and block spam text messages being sent to customer's handsets that originate from Internet IP addresses. These filters are updated on an ongoing basis, including monitoring for newly emerging schemes."

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