Keeping track of the OTT video audience in Q3

The third-quarter earnings season is starting to wind down, and major audience measurement firms including Nielsen, comScore and Rentrak considered the impact of social media on content ratings. FierceOnlineVideo monitored reports from these three firms, grabbing a weekly snapshot from each. While the publicly available numbers for each are completely separate and disparate, they provide a surface-level look at what people are watching on broadcast TV, what content they're streaming or downloading digitally, and how they're engaging with it on social media. For the past several quarters, media and entertainment players have kept an eye on traditional and new measurement standards to see what common metrics develop and to get a feel for how the audience is evolving. Now, as more networks, distributors and content creators commit to over-the-top video, it's do-or-die time for converting analysis of audiences into cash. For more on measuring the OTT video market, check out this FierceOnlineVideo special report