Latitude - Leapfrogging the Broadband Challenge with BWA

Latitude - Leapfrogging the
Broadband Challenge with BWA

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A number of Asian companies are leading the way in building new technologies that can be replicated globally. Among these emergent companies is Latitude Broadband Inc., a Philippine technology company with global operations responsible for one of the largest deployments of broadband wireless access (BWA) in the planet.

The people behind Latitude are the same team who established Meridian Telekoms, which was acquired by the leading Philippine Telco operator in 2004. With Motorola supplying Canopy radio equipment, Meridian built a network that supports two million subscribers on 2000 base stations, serving 384 towns and cities nationwide. With over 50,000 residential connections in 6 months, it has been the fastest-growing broadband service to date.

Latitude's solutions are proven and tested to match Motorola technologies, creating a network that deploys in months, scales rapidly, and is profitable, with the flexibility to also support Wi Max and WiFi deployments.

At the heart of Latitude's BWA solution is Latitude's Access Controller and Access Management System, supported by a full-suite of OSS-BSS systems that enable carriers and ISPs to deploy scalable BWA solution quickly, efficiently, and profitably.

Banking on its products and pioneering experience, Latitude can support Broadband service providers to address demand and gain market leadership today. Click here for full article.

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