Leap not jumping on Android bandwagon; Sprint expands wholesale offering

> Despite all of the momentum surrounding Google's Android platform, Leap Wireless has decided not to jump on the bandwagon right now, and instead will remain focused on providing devices and services to its core of cost-conscious subscribers. Article

> Sprint Netxel introduced a new back-office solution for wholesale partners the company said would make it easier for third parties to resell postpaid wireless service using Sprint's network. Release

> T-Mobile USA and Enfora inked a machine-to-machine pact in which T-Mobile will provide embedded SIM cards for Enfora's M2M devices. Release

> There may be lots of momentum around Android, but do consumers even get the point of the platform and what they can do with it? Commentary

> Barnes & Noble is reportedly poised to introduce its own wireless ereader. Article

> Verizon Wireless announced the launch of PlayMaker Mobile, a new mobile social networking application promising feature-phone subscribers access to content by and about professional athletes. Article

> Motorola is no longer a board member of the LiMo Foundation, which it helped found. Article

> Sony--and Sony Ericsson--are betting on a stronger relationship with Google to revive its fortunes. Article

> Ericsson said a U.S. court has thrown out an appeal in a case brought by investors who said the company misled them before it issued a profit warning in 2007. Article

> Are Research In Motion's best days behind it? Article

And finally... A dog owner in North Dakota thinks her dog 3-foot-tall dog Boomer may the world's tallest living dog. Article