Linksys launches wVoIP handset called iPhone

Linksys has unveiled a wVoIP handset today, the WIP320 (photo) called the iPhone, a term Linksys-parent company Cisco has owned the trademark to since 2000. The news follows years of speculation as to whether Apple would release an iPod-like mobile phone, which many in the industry took to calling the "iPhone." The Linksys iPhone joins six other handsets in the company's VoIP handset portfolio, but will surely be the most memorable.

Gizmodo caused quite a stir in the blogosphere on Friday by predicting that the iPhone would launch today, but that the phone wouldn't be as expected. Little did we know that Cisco has apparently owned the trademark for iPhone since 2000, when it acquired a company called Infogear, which registered an iPhone trademark in 1996.

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PLUS: To make things just a bit more exciting, a report out of the U.K. suggests mobile carrier Orange is working closely with Google to develop a Googlephone. Let the rumors begin! Article