Luxury MVNO Voce gets cheaper

Luxury MVNO Voce has halved its sign-up fee from $1000 to $500 and dropped its monthly fee from $400 to $200, SVP Roy Kosuge told attendees at the Informa MVNO sustainable Business Models conference last week. The move puts Voce squarely on par (in terms of price) with the top plans offered by major U.S. carriers--$200 a month gets you an average of 6,000 monthly minutes with the top carriers, while Voce will give you unlimited calling and text messaging, a phone, Bluetooth headset and top-notch customer service. Voce's early adopters have already requested: tickets for concerts, gift recommendations for grandchildren, soup for a sick girlfriend and reservations at Wolfgang Puck's new steakhouse. So will halving the price start to attract the "wrong crowd?" I think so, to really tackle the luxury market it's always better to raise prices--just because.

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