Metric: Skype leads US VoIP market

New research from intelligent broadband network equipment maker Sandvine reveals that Skype is the leading VoIP service provider in North America. The company is responsible for 35.8 percent of all VoIP calls in the US. When it comes to share of minutes, Skype takes an even more commanding lead of 46.2 percent, suggesting that Skype users are also making longer calls. Other PC-based VoIP services like Microsoft, Yahoo, and AOL chat are distant seconds.

Third-party paid VoIP providers represent 35.7 percent of all VoIP minutes. Broadband service providers hold the strongest position in this category since joining the race, quickly closing the gap with an 18.1 percent share of all VoIP minutes. Vonage, Primus, and AT&T CallVantage hold the next three positions.

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