Metric: Taiwan PDA shipments hit 4.2M in Q4

According to a recent report from Taipei's Market Intelligence Center, the Taiwanese PDA industry should ship 4.2 million units in the fourth quarter, up 20 percent from last quarter. The report claims that total shipment volume in 2005 is nearly 13.7 million units, a growth of 52 percent compared to last year. The Taiwanese PDA industry accounted for 80 percent of worldwide production in the third quarter, while the US and Europe account for 95 percent of the market for the devices. Palm's initial shipments of its Treo 650 to Western Europe spurred European shipments to grow to 58.4 percent, up from 31 percent last year. North America's limited GPS PDA sales caused shipments to plunge to 36.9 percent, down from last year's 64.4 percent.

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