Metric: VoIP tops data as metro WiFi driver

A new survey finds that mobile VoIP tops mobile data as the leading metro WiFi driver. The study, conducted by RoamAD, a supplier of software for mobile VoIP and VoWiFi-enabled metro WiFi networks, polled customers, partners and prospective purchasers of metro WiFi networks. It found that 50 percent of the parties surveyed in the last three months identified mobile voice as being either as important as, or more important than mobile broadband data. A year ago less than 10 percent of customers identified voice as a core application on their metro WiFi networks. The survey also found that more than 75 percent of network operators and service providers now have mobile VoIP or mobile VoWiFi identified as a mandatory requirement for new metro WiFi networks.

For more on RoamAD's metro WiFi survey:
- read this company press release

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